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Stronger. Greener. Better.

As a distinguished distributor, Custom Wash One, Inc. takes pride in our strategic partnership with Troy Chemical Industries, a renowned trailblazer in pre-treatment technology. Leveraging Troy's extensive experience, we address the intricate demands of contemporary salt fog and cyclical testing requirements. Troy's innovation shines in its pioneering efforts with Nano Technologies, particularly within their esteemed 2846 Line, complemented by a comprehensive suite of Iron Phosphate Products. Notably, Troy Chemical commands respect in the industry with approvals for Caterpillar B & C ratings.

This alliance empowers Custom Wash One, Inc. to present an expansive selection tailored for various applications, from spray wand techniques to sophisticated multi-stage processes. Our commitment transcends product provision; we excel in customer service and meticulous attention to detail, setting us apart in the market. Our approach involves not just offering cost-effective problem resolution but also investing in the expertise of our clients' personnel. We ensure they are adept in maintaining systems at optimal performance, fulfilling the assurances made to our customers. Through this symbiotic relationship, we uphold the promise of quality and reliability, hallmarks of both our brands.

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